Redrock Micro dSLR Rental

Available Rigs

The Redrock Micro eyeSpy Deluxe Bundle DSLR rig incorporates adds the microFollowFocus & counterbalances to the eyeSpy standard rig.

The Redrock Micro eyeSpy Standard DSLR Rig is our most economical shoulder-mounted system that provides great support to your dSLR.

The Redrock Micro eyeSpy Balance DSLR 2.0 Rig incorporates the microLink4 offset which allows the operator to place their eye directly behind the camera or monitor.

The Redrock Micro DSLR Field Cinema Deluxe Bundle V2 is the comprehensive rig that converts your dSLR into a fully functional cinema production rig.

The Redrock Micro “Captain Stubling” dSLR bundle is our most popular handheld rig. It’s compact size allows you to use this in the smallest of areas without losing functionality.

Redrock Universal Bundles are the perfect solution for choosing HDSLR camera support without committing to just one rig.

The Redrock DSLR Cinema Bundle is a comprehensive package for converting video DSLRs to useful cinema production tools.

Available Rigs

We’ve got a variety of different Redrock Micro kits for hire, including the Cinema dSLR Bundle, the Universal Shouldermount Bundle & also the “Captain Stubling” dSLR Bundle.

Want to know what Redrock Micro rigs we have for hire? Check out our available rigs page.

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